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We believe that eating healthy should be affordable and easy for our clients, we pride ourselves on providing fresh, quality meals designed to meet all your dietary needs. 

Our balanced and nutritious  meals are prepared with love by professional chefs, using the finest and local produce of New Zealand.

All meals are portioned and calorie controlled, containing no refined sugar, no added additives with an abidance of healthy fats, superfoods and finest quality lean meats and fish.

Our food is made from the heart with real ingredients , wholesome flavours for healthy-conscious and time-poor individuals as well as those eager to learn about healthy eating. 

Our meal packages can help transform  an individuals life through weight loss, healthy living or maintaining that figure .Our meals are designed to meet your specific needs or MACROS, our meal plans allow different options tailored for people like you; the workaholic, the busy athlete, the lazy cook or busy mom! 

Tarren McCall
Dietitain and Nutrinist 

For the better part of 20 years Tarren McCall has been personally looking after the nutrition of people from all around the world – both athletes and clients from everyday walks of life; Tarren has come to be regarded as one of the best in her field. Her client list numbers in the thousands and includes people successfully losing weight, putting on muscle, and winning bodybuilding competitions across all classes in a number of countries. Tarren has achieved this through seeing people both personally in a one-on-one environment and through the online nutrition service that she extends to clients right here on her website. With years of experience under her belt, literally hundreds of success stories, and the unique experience of having been an NZIFBB judge, Tarren knows precisely what to look for and what an individual requires to achieve their desired goals. On top of this Tarren is able to deliver exactly what each individual client requires at an affordable cost through her online services.

No matter who you are, no matter your current condition, you absolutely, without doubt have the ability to change. 

– Tarren McCall, founder McCall’s Champion Nutrition